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Subscription box

1 - prokeraten 300ml + 3 - protoxten 300g + 1 - procleansing 500ml

We at Emiliv Professional are passionate about everything that involves hair salons.  We believe this art evolves and enchants the world of beauty. With Brazilian Products and with the heart in NYC, our products are in all the continents of the world. Emiliv Professional are found in the major salons of NYC, Las Vegas, London, Dubai,  and many other cities. However, we must not forget the students and hairdressers. Thinking of them we’ve created Emiliv Professional Subscription Box. A Professional Product with more than 26 applications between Brazilian Hair Botox Treatment and Keratin Treatment in order to make the cosmetology student and hairdressers to have the same opportunity to use the same products as the major salons are using it.

 How does it works?

After you purchase the Emiliv Professional Subscription Box each month there will be a charge on your credit card equivalent to the subscription plan chosen.  

Can I cancel?

Yes, you can unsubscribe Emiliv Professional - Subscription Box whenever you want. Cancellation is free.  Everything is very simple, fast and practical. Enjoy your Emiliv Professional Subscription Box and much SUCCESS  

Subscription box

1 - prokeraten 300ml

3 - protoxten 300g 

1 - procleansing 500ml

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